Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ceramics - Free Form Coil Construction

1.  What do you think of coil construction?
2.  What are the challenges/benefits?
3.  What do you think of the free form process?
4.  Comment only as yourself.  Do not use my name to comment.  Otherwise, I will have you blocked.


  1. I like coil construction but I like pinch pots better, The challenges are it takes a long time, benefits are it looks better. The free form process requires you to be more creative, I like it.
    Emily Edwards

  2. This looks like it will be difficult for me because i like to get things done quickly and this is a very tedious process.
    Emma Lako

    1. The challenges are that it will take time but i think the free form version will make room for me to be creative.

  3. i like coil construction better because it makes it neat. with pinch pots it's like free form and i don't like that. the challenge is smoothing it because it looks like a hot mess if you don't smooth it well. the benefit is that it is structured and easy.

  4. The coil method is a bit tedious, but it's efficient. The free form does give it an atrsy look, but molding it a certain way could be better.

  5. It's sometimes a little difficult to smooth out because it shrinks the coil but otherwise I don't find it very difficult, stacking a lot of coils can make it go by much faster and I actually like the free form process. It's cool to just let it go and see how it will turn out. -Casey

  6. Mary Katherine RogersSeptember 23, 2015 at 9:16 AM

    It makes the pot more neat. I like how the pot has a mind of its own and does what it wants. Smoothing is tedious and can be difficult but it makes the pot look better.

  7. I like coil construction, it is sometimes difficult when the clay is wet because the pot tries to fall. I like the free form process except it is very difficult to smooth and form into the shape you want. it is easy to make large pots out of coils instead of using the pinch pot method.

    -Bailey Good

  8. 1. i like it, i dont like how you have to slip and score it everyday and it takes up like half the class
    2. one of the benefits is that you just kind of let it do its thing and you dont need to get it too accurate. your hands get really brown and nasty. and it gets all up in your nails
    3. the process is a very tedious process

  9. 1. It is easy and fun.
    2. Challenge; slip and score everyday for the first coil.
    3.I think it is more fun to do a free form that way you can have fun with it and make it how you want.
    Rachel Buckland

  10. I think doing coils has been fun but it's very time consuming and smoothing the coils takes awhile. But i like the free form because the shape changes with each coil you add.
    Jordan Fischer

  11. 1. i like coil construction you can do a lot of things and has a lot of different opportunities with coils
    2. gravity can really work against you and make it fall over if you go to fast
    3. i love the process

  12. i think coil construction is really cool and you can do a lot with it. they are kind of difficult to make and get the sizing and thickness right each time but it looks really cool in the end! I like the free form process much better than the designed way.
    - Olivia Boggess

  13. 1. What do you think of coil construction?
    I like it a lot.
    2. What are the challenges/benefits?
    challenges - it takes a long time. Benefits - it makes it easier in the long run.
    3. What do you think of the free form process?
    I thought it was fun to create my free form pot with no rules or restrictions.

  14. 1. I absolutely love working with coils.
    2. challenges would be remembering to slip and score everyday. Benefit is that they are easy to work with.
    3. the free-form process is really fun because it doesn't take too much thought.

  15. 1. i think coil construction is really fun
    2. the challenges can be the smoothing but i like the textures
    3. i love the free form progress and i think these will all be beautiful when they are done

  16. 1. I like it because it's easy and fun.
    2. The challenge is smoothing and making coils without air bubbles and the benefit is that it's easy to work.
    3. The free form process is really fun.

  17. 1. i like it im just not very good at smoothing, im a pro at showing my hand though
    2. the challenge is smoothing it
    3. it is easy to shape because you can just let it do its thang