Monday, January 26, 2015

Ceramics - Coil Method

Look at these three images.  Which one do you like best and why?


Art 2 - Pop Art

Below are examples of Pop Art.  How is it different or the same as what Jasper Johns did?

Andy Warhol's "Marilyn"

Warhol's soup cans

Roy Lichtenstein

Art One - Erasing/Selecting on Photoshop

Watch the following video.  It will show you three ways to erase without using the eraser.  It's not very long.  There are MANY more videos on YouTube that can show you different tricks using Photoshop.

Optional:  Watch this second one on layer masking if you want.  It's a way to layer two images with transparency.

AP and Art 3 -

Everyone has a project due this Friday!

Art 3, make sure you have a good range of values (black, white and grays in between) along with little color here and there.  Use your creativity!

Instead of a Friday assignment, work two hours outside of class time on your project.  This "freebie" won't happen often, so take advantage.

Hannah, Kelly, Madison and Martha - you MUST set up your AP access and Breadth images ASAP!  The instructions were on a previous blog.  Look back to find it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ceramics - Blog 2

How was this made?  What do you think about it?  Be original.

Art 2 - Picasso and African masks video


Picasso was one of many 2D artists inspired by 3D work and in particular 3D work from Africa.  Watch the following short video and tell me what you think.

Art One - Mandala video

Tibetan monks create a mandala (sand painting) as a ritual.  Watch this short video.  What do you think about the image and the symbolism?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Art 3 and AP

Art 3 - Recreate a work in your sketchbook based on the installation art of Rachel Whiteread.

AP - Create your College Board access and upload all edited Breadth work.  See previous instructions (on handout and on blog).

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ceramics - Blog One

Welcome to ART@FPD!!!!  We will have a great semester. You will need to check the blog every week.  I usually post it by Tuesday, and you will need to comment before your class time on Friday.

Have you ever worked with clay before?  When was it and what did you make?  Don't forget to sign your name or you won't get credit.

Art One - Radial Symmetry

What is this?  How was this made?

ART 2 - Masks from around the world

Masks are a very interesting topic. They can be used to mask our real physical faces for fun but can also been used to reveal our inner selves. In rituals, shamans or role players use masks to act out mythical characters, archetypes or personas (persona literally meant “mask” in ancient Latin). We all have these characters either individually or collectively dwelling in our dreams or inner worlds. One good way to get to the meaning of these characters is to bring them out into the open. The ancient world used masks to symbolize and convey personalities and emotions that defined their cultures. Some cultures have come up with some very distinct styles but some similar types of masks can be seen across cultures worldwide. For example you can find many skulls, demons, bird-men or wolf-men all over the globe. Here is a small sample of masks.



Art 3/AP Art - Friday Assignment

Recreate a work by natural installation artist Robert Smithson.

Start thinking about a natural installation of your own.  We will talk more about this but it will be due Friday, February 20.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

AP/Art 3 - Friday assignment due January 9

Look at work by the following natural art installation artists:
Jenni Tieaho
Jaakko Pernu
Patrick Dougherty

Recreate as a drawing using pencil, colored pencil or watercolor in your sketchbook.

FYI - you will create your own natural art installation which will be due Feb. 20.  You will construct, document it and turn in two 8x10 photographs of it.  You will also need to have the digital files saved in your Breadth section of your porfolio.  3D students will need to engage the space in terms of height, width and depth.  2D students will need to think in terms of height and width like a drawing or painting.  This is an OUT OF CLASS assignment.  Be thinking!

AP Art - Due dates

Concentration #2 – Friday, January 16
You will need to set up your access to the AP® Studio Art Digital Submission Web application and upload your Breadth works.   This is a PROJECT grade. The Breadth section should be completely full.  Brad Thompson should be contacted for your AP number. If your file is too large, you will need to resize your image.  Click "Properties" and "Resize" then shrink to 999.          School Code: 111937            Teacher Key: tvv7929
Access and Breadth uploaded – Friday, January 23
Concentration #3 – Friday, January 30
Concentration #4 – Friday, February 13
Natural Installation – Friday, February 20
Concentration #5 – Friday, February 27
Concentration #6 – Friday, March 13
Concentration #7 – Friday, March 27
Concentration #8 – Friday, April 17
Concentration #9 – Friday, May 1
Quality, Concentration & Breadth – Friday, May 8 – AP Exam date – noon
If you are absent on any due date, your work is still due.  10 pts. deducted for each day a project is late.  For 3D students working in clay, the due dates are for construction.  Glazing will need to be completed at various times through the semester.
If students will be submitting Drawing or 2-D Design portfolios, May 8 is also the deadline for the assembly of physical portfolios.  Quality works (18x24” max size) may be selected from the Concentration and Breadth sections.  Works may not be duplicated in the Concentration and Breadth sections in either the Drawing, 2-D or 3-D portfolios.
If you fail to complete your AP portfolio, you will fail the AP Art class for the last 9 weeks.
AP Services - 877-274-6474 or 609-771-7300, or email at