Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Art Two - Drawing ideas for details

See below a few ideas about things you could draw in your shapes.  These were all done in pencil.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

AP Art - Friday sketch list

AP & Art 3 sketchbook assignments – due on Friday
FULL page copy of a masterwork.  Include the name of the artist, dates of life, country of origin, title and date on the back.
August 21                            (2D)       Edvard Munch                                   (3D)       Maria Martinez (pottery)
August 28                            (2D)       Paul Gauguin                                     (3D)       Rodin
September 4                      (2D)       Francis Bacon                                    (3D)       Constantin Brancusi
September 11                   (2D)       Georgia O’Keeffe                            (3D)       Giovanni Bernini
September 18                   (2D)       Edgar Degas                                       (3D)       Claes Oldenburg
September 25                   (2D)       Janet Fish                                            (3D)       Donatello
October 2                            (2D)       Pierre-Auguste Renior                  (3D)       Henry Moore
October 16                          (2D)       Peter Paul Rubens                          (3D)       Henri Matisse
October 23                          (2D)       Paul Cezanne                                    (3D)       Eva Hesse
October 30                          (2D)       Marc Chagall                                      (3D)       Yayoi Kusama
November 6                       (2D)       Michelangelo                                    (3D)       Michelangelo
November 13                    (2D)       Vincent van Gogh                            (3D)       Magdalena Abakanowicz
November 20                    (2D)       Raphael                                               (3D)       Edmonia Lewis
December 4                       (2D)       Diego Velasquez                              (3D)       Umberto Boccioni
December 11                     (2D)       Rembrandt van Rijn                        (3D)       Naum Gabo
FULL page drawing inspired by the imagery and/or style of the masterwork.  Include the name of the artist, country, title and dates on the back.
January 8                             (2D)       Franz Marc                                          (3D)       Alberto Giacometti
January 15                           (2D)       Jean-Michel Basquiat                    (3D)       Barbara Hepworth
January 22                           (2D)       Pablo Picasso                                    (3D)       Pablo Picasso
January 29                           (2D)       Gustav Klimt                                      (3D)       Fernando Botero
February 5                          (2D)       Francisco de Goya                           (3D)       David Smith
February 12                        (2D)       Caravaggio                                          (3D)       Louis Bourgeois
February 26                        (2D)       Edward Hopper                                 (3D)       Jacques Lipchitz
March 4                                (2D)       Wassily Kandinsky                          (3D)       Anish Kapoor
March 11                              (2D)       Salvador Dali                                     (3D)       Rachel Whiteread
March 18                              (2D)       Mary Cassatt                                      (3D)       Jean Arp
April 15                                (2D)       Peter Paul Rubens                          (3D)       Alexander Calder
April 22                                (2D)       Willem de Kooning                         (3D)       Duane Hanson
April 29                                (2D)       Frida Kahlo                                         (3D)       Marcel Duchamp

May 6 – AP Exam

Ceramics - More Teapots

Here are several more.....

Art One - Monet and Fish

Look at the work below by French artist Claude Monet and the American artist Janet Fish.  Both paint light and have a great sense of color.  Which work do you like the best and why?

Claude Monet

Janet Fish

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Art Two - Watercolor

What do you think of the watercolors below by Ralph Goings?  He is an American Photorealist painter.  Yes.  It's a painting!

Ceramics - Teapots

Here are some great teapot examples.  Which do you like or not like?

Offspring Teapot, Handmade Stoneware Teapot, Ceramic Teapot

Handmade Stoneware Pottery By Mike Paluska - teapotSergei Isupov Teapot 

Art One - Color Video

Click the link below to watch the video.  It is a GREAT (and very, very interesting - I promise) video about color and culture.
What do you think?  What comment in the video stood out to you?  Your comment must be about the video.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ALL ART classes - extra credit

If you would like extra credit, turn in one of the following to benefit the Boys and Girls Club families.

Items are due Friday, November 13.  I will not accept late items.

6 cans of vegetables
3 boxes of instant mashed potatoes
6 boxes of cornbread mix
3 boxes of stuffing
2 jars of gravy
6 boxes of mac and cheese
3 cake or brownie mixes
$15 grocery gift card for a turkey

Extra points will be added to your Blog average.

Ceramics - wheel throwing

Don't forget you have a second wheel thrown piece due for Quarter Two.  This piece will be graded on its merits and not just completion.  It will need to be an even, thickness that is not too heavy, and it also need to have a trimmed foot.  Go back and watch the videos about throwing on the wheel if you feel like you need it.  OK?

Art Two - Jackson Pollock

Click on the link below to watch a 3 minute video about Jackson Pollock.

Art One - drawing pine cones and natural objects

See the drawings below.  Notice what makes them successful.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ceramics - Red and Black Figure Pottery

Follow the link below to find out more about red and black figure Greek pottery.  View the slideshow.  During the firing process and if oxidation (smoke) occurs, the smoke can turn the unglazed portions of the pot black.  Comment below with an original thought.  Do not repeat ideas.

The site is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Art One - More Drawing Examples

Which one do you like and why?

Art 2 - Painting ?

What process of painting do you enjoy more and why?

objective (an image of a person, place or thing)


non--objective (study of movement, color, texture, process, etc.)?