Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Art Two - Picasso and African Masks


Picasso was one of many 2D artists inspired by 3D work and in particular 3D work from Africa.  Watch the following short video and tell me what you think.


Ceramics - Slab Containers

We will be making slab containers for our next major project.  It will have to be made mostly of slabs but you may want to have a sculptural element as well.  Think about it.  Which one of these containers is your favorite and why?

Art One - Mandala Video

Tibetan monks create a mandala (sand painting) as a ritual.  Watch this short video.  What do you think about the image and the symbolism?


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Art One - Coil Method

Below are examples of pots made with the coil method.  Which is your favorite and why?

Ceramics - Blog One

Welcome to ART@FPD!!!!  We will have a great semester. You will need to check the blog every week.  I usually post it by Tuesday, and you will need to comment before your class time on Friday.

Have you ever worked with clay before?  When was it and what did you make?  Don't forget to sign your name or you won't get credit.

Art 2 - Masks from around the world

Masks are a very interesting topic. They can be used to mask our real physical faces for fun but can also been used to reveal our inner selves. In rituals, shamans or role players use masks to act out mythical characters, archetypes or personas (persona literally meant “mask” in ancient Latin). We all have these characters either individually or collectively dwelling in our dreams or inner worlds. One good way to get to the meaning of these characters is to bring them out into the open. The ancient world used masks to symbolize and convey personalities and emotions that defined their cultures. Some cultures have come up with some very distinct styles but some similar types of masks can be seen across cultures worldwide. For example you can find many skulls, demons, bird-men or wolf-men all over the globe. Here is a small sample of masks.



Friday, August 14, 2015

AP Art - Friday Assignments

AP & Art 3 sketchbook assignments – due on Friday
FULL page copy of a masterwork.  Include the name of the artist, dates of life, country of origin, title and date on the back.
August 21                         (2D)       Edvard Munch                      (3D)       Maria Martinez (pottery)
August 28                         (2D)       Paul Gauguin                              (3D)       Rodin
September 4                      (2D)       Francis Bacon                            (3D)       Constantin Brancusi
September 11                    (2D)       Georgia O’Keeffe                      (3D)       Giovanni Bernini
September 18                    (2D)       Edgar Degas                               (3D)       Claes Oldenburg
September 25                    (2D)       Janet Fish                                   (3D)       Donatello
October 2                          (2D)       Pierre-Auguste Renior                (3D)       Henry Moore
October 16                        (2D)       Peter Paul Rubens                       (3D)       Henri Matisse
October 23                        (2D)       Paul Cezanne                              (3D)       Eva Hesse
October 30                        (2D)       Marc Chagall                              (3D)       Yayoi Kusama
November 6                      (2D)       Michelangelo                              (3D)       Michelangelo
November 13                    (2D)       Vincent van Gogh              (3D)       Magdalena Abakanowicz
November 20                    (2D)       Raphael                                       (3D)       Edmonia Lewis
December 4                       (2D)       Diego Velasquez                        (3D)       Umberto Boccioni
December 11                     (2D)       Rembrandt van Rijn                   (3D)       Naum Gabo
FULL page drawing inspired by the imagery and/or style of the masterwork.  Include the name of the artist, country, title and dates on the back.
January 8                           (2D)       Franz Marc                                 (3D)       Alberto Giacometti
January 15                         (2D)       Jean-Michel Basquiat                 (3D)       Barbara Hepworth
January 22                         (2D)       Pablo Picasso                             (3D)       Pablo Picasso
January 29                         (2D)       Gustav Klimt                             (3D)       Fernando Botero
February 5                         (2D)       Francisco de Goya                     (3D)       David Smith
February 12                       (2D)       Caravaggio                                (3D)       Louis Bourgeois
February 26                       (2D)       Edward Hopper                         (3D)       Jacques Lipchitz
March 4                             (2D)       Wassily Kandinsky                   (3D)       Anish Kapoor
March 11                           (2D)       Salvador Dali                            (3D)       Rachel Whiteread
March 18                           (2D)       Mary Cassatt                             (3D)       Jean Arp
April 15                             (2D)       Peter Paul Rubens                     (3D)       Alexander Calder
April 22                             (2D)       Willem de Kooning                  (3D)       Duane Hanson
April 29                             (2D)       Frida Kahlo                               (3D)       Marcel Duchamp

May 6 – AP Exam

Monday, August 3, 2015

AP Art

No summer work this year.  See you soon and get ready for some fun, hard work!