Friday, April 27, 2018

AP Art - College Board Access

You will need to set up your access to the AP® Studio Art Digital Submission Web application and upload your Breadth, Concentration statements and Concentration works.   This is a PROJECT grade. The images should be cropped and edited and your statement should be refined per suggestions.  The Breadth section should be completely full, and the Concentration should be full minus your last piece and possibly a detail from that piece.  Brad Thompson should be contacted for your AP number. 

If your file is too large, you will need to resize your image.  Click "Properties" and "Resize" then shrink to 999.          School Code: 111937            Teacher Key: tvv7929

Access and Breadth/Concentration uploaded – Wednesday, May 2

Your last project is due Tuesday, May 8 - drop it off anytime that day

Quality, Concentration & Breadth – Friday, May 11 – AP Exam date – you will be with me all day unless you have another AP exam.  Come to my room at 8:15.

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