Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Art 2 - Masks from around the world

Masks are a very interesting topic. They can be used to mask our real physical faces for fun but can also been used to reveal our inner selves. In rituals, shamans or role players use masks to act out mythical characters, archetypes or personas (persona literally meant “mask” in ancient Latin). We all have these characters either individually or collectively dwelling in our dreams or inner worlds. One good way to get to the meaning of these characters is to bring them out into the open. The ancient world used masks to symbolize and convey personalities and emotions that defined their cultures. Some cultures have come up with some very distinct styles but some similar types of masks can be seen across cultures worldwide. For example you can find many skulls, demons, bird-men or wolf-men all over the globe. Here is a small sample of masks.




  1. I agree with the paragraph above about how the mask faces can be sometimes things we see like in our dreams and stuff. I think the masks are really cool and I like that you can be creative with them and they can even mean something.
    - ashton

  2. I think it's cool how people's emotions can come out in their art work, especially when it's in a mask and another face is being created.
    - Molly Smith

  3. I think it's really neat how masks can cover up our faces but still show what we're really like. They are a very good way to be creative and show your personality

  4. I think it is very interesting how through all the different cultures there is a significant difference between the layout and designs in the mask.

  5. While all of these masks are different and come from different places from all over the world, they have some similarities. They all have some prominent features and some lesser features. This adds to the effect of the mask
    - wesley

  6. All the masks do a great job of showing what emotion is being shown.

  7. I like the first mask because it shows a lot of emotion.
    Emily Edwards

  8. These masks show a lot of details and emotions and they look cool

  9. I think mask are a cool and beautiful way to express yourself. With this piece of art, you can express how you feel in a physical way through the mask, rather than emotionally expressing it yourself.
    - Alyssa

  10. I like the last mask the best because the hair makes it unique
    Molly Smith

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    1. Mask Himalayan I think that from Bali