Tuesday, February 10, 2015

AP/ART 3 - Natural Installation due FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20

Look at the environmental / installation work of Andy Goldsworthy, Nazca Lines, Christo and Robert Smithson.  We have also looked at others through our sketch assignments, and feel free to investigate others.  Create at least one on-site installation.  You may use natural or man-made materials to alter the environment.  Your idea can be elaborate or very simple.  It can have a message or just be beautiful.  Photograph it from several angles.  Also include detail shots.  A sunny day around 4:00 p.m. will probably give you the best light, but morning times are good too.  Avoid taking photos in the shade.  Also, be mindful of other stuff that might be part of the photograph.  Keep the installation the main focus of the photograph, but also keep in mind that the overall image (photo) should look good in terms of lights/darks, color, etc. and there should be no random stuff in the background.  Edit your photos for best results.

2D - You should view Christo’s “Running Fence” and the Nazca lines as drawings.  Keep in mind that this is a 2-D project.  Concentrate on value (light and dark) contrasts, color, texture and line.

3D - Your installation should activate the space in some way.  Think beyond colors and line to how your addition or manipulation to the environment affects spacial relationships.

Load the images into your AP or Art 3 Art folder in your Pictures folder on your computer.  Email Mrs. Butler the best two of the overall scene and also include one detail - for three total images.  You will email three images by Friday, February 20.  It is due by your class time on that day.

The following images are examples of work done by previous students.  Some better than others but it will give you an idea.  The first two with the rocks are 3D examples.  The last three are 2D examples.

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