Friday, May 11, 2018

AP Artists

1.  What was your favorite and least favorite assignment (from Mrs. Butler) this year?

2.  What was your most successful work while you have been at FPD and why?  It could be this year or another year.

3.  How could the class be improved?

4.  What advice do you leave for next years' AP class?  I will share this with them next year.


  1. 1. My favorite assignment from this year was the foreshortening painting. My least favorite was the mandala.
    2. I think my most successful work at FPD is the deer heads. For the amount of time I spent on the project, I was very content with my result.
    3. The only way the class could be improved is if the artist is willing to improve. It's all up to the student.
    4. Go ahead and have an vague idea of all of your concentration pieces. You may change your mind later, but it will help save time and stress! Do your work in class. I never did and I ended up having to spend most of my time at home to work on projects.

    Olivia Little

  2. 1. My favorite assignment was the study and my least favorite was all of the Friday artists that had a Renaissance style and the realistic artists.
    2. My most successful work was a watercolor still life with coke bottles and marbles
    3. Maybe making a list of the 9 pieces we want to do once we pick our concentration might help
    4. Make sure to have a plan for how to make your work reflect your concentration idea well

  3. Lindsey StricklandMay 11, 2018 at 6:57 AM

    1. my favorite assignment was the mixed media painting of Olsen. My least favorite was the mandala, by far.
    2. most successful work was probably the painting of Josh (unfortunate)
    3. i think you make it very obvious what you need to do to be successful in this class. Just keep doing what you're doing and tell them its up to them and the time they spend
    4. Know that you can't procrastinate or your painting will not end up well. Use the class time or you will be super unsatisfied with the painting and tired from staying up the whole night before the due date

  4. 1. My favorite assignment was the painting of a dream and my least favorite was the oil painting of the photograph (my ice cream cone).
    2. My rooster I painted for my concentration, it was the most fun and least stressful. I enjoy realistic stuff, but not people.
    3. I think that it's really up to the student because we have everything in front of us that we need to succeed, it just depends on the time willing to be spent.
    4. Use your time wisely in class or you will hate yourself and never get any sleep the whole year :) Also choose a concentration that you will enjoy painting or you will get annoyed and not enjoy painting your pieces, also don't be afraid to dig deeper, once I did I loved my concentration.

  5. 1. my favorite assignment was the foreshortening painting, I liked the size and the looseness of it. My least favorite were the Friday artists with the super realistic scenes.
    2. my most successful work was the Jesus painting from last year. I love the size and the fact that it's finger painted.
    3. the talking is fun, but it does sometimes get distracting for people, and it's harder to get things done.
    4. have enough ideas for your concentration beforehand to make sure they all come together. Manage your time wisely, and don't spend more than a day on your under-painting.

  6. 1. My favorite was the foreshortening painting we did and my east favorite was the one i did of Benjamin.
    2. My most successful painting is the one I did of Karen because it looks the most realistic of all of the paintings i did this year.
    3. I really dont think you could improve it anymore because the class is kindof black and white about the amount of work you have to do.
    4. My advice is to not do what i did and wait until the last minute to get in a painting, this class is the most time consuming at FPD but it is really worth it when you're done and you get to look at your body of work all together.

  7. 1. my favorite was either the sketch assignment or the foreshortened picture. my least favorite was the dream-scape.
    2. my concentration piece of the little girl with the red eyes was my favorite one i did.
    3. more freedom on friday artist!!! i understand the point but they stress me out
    4. really make sure you love your concentration before you commit. if you don't really love it then its going to be really difficult

  8. 1. My favorite assignment was the oil painting and my least was the foreshortening.

    2. I think my most successful piece was rather the lemons or the little girl throwing flour. I feel this because I was completely in my element and both had strong meaning behind them.

    3. I feel that some people, like myself, didn't have enough for our breadth due to missing previous art classes. Maybe instead of having a Friday Artist for three weeks and on the fourth week, have assignments that could build options for breadth. Other than that, it's really up to the individual to know what they need to do in order to succeed.

    4. Try to pre-plan some assignments when deciding on your concentration, otherwise you may get stuck and waste time in trying to think of what to do next. Also, set aside time throughout the week that won't get scheduled over in order to insure you have enough time out of class to work on your projects.

  9. 1. My favorite assignment was probably any of my concentration pieces because I really enjoyed them. My least favorite assignment was the oil painting.
    2. My best work was definitely my concentration pieces. It really helped to choose what I was doing completely on my own and develop my own style of painting and overall figure out what I was good at.
    3. As a teacher, you give us everything we need to succeed. It is up to the individual students to decide that they want to succeed and spend their time doing everything they can to make sure that happens.
    4. The first piece of advice that everyone in this class would give is to SPEND YOUR TIME WISELY!! There were multiple times each person in here would fall behind just from wasting time in class. Stay caught up and you will be fine. Another piece of advice I would give is to make sure you choose a concentration that has meaning and interests you, so you don't get bored and it won't be annoying to paint. Also, already have plenty of ideas for your concentration and it will help you stay on track.

  10. 1. My favorite was the tablet piece where we got to choose how we made the image. My least favorite was the features sketch project.
    2. I think my most successful work is the van with stained glass and bottle caps because it was more detailed and colorful than my other pieces.
    3. The class is really only able to improve if the students put in more work. The structure makes it easy to do well, especially the deadlines.
    4. Work ahead if you can, but make sure you don't get behind. If you think you have to just wait for creativity, start waiting for the creative moment way before you need it, or you'll have to force it.

  11. 1. My favorite assignment was the oil painting of food. Least favorite was probably the non-objective piece I did.
    2. My most successful works were probably my oil paintings from my concentration because i finally established what my strengths were vs my weaknesses.
    3. Less strict Friday Artist Assignments.
    4. Don't get behind. It's A LOT less stressful when you start your projects ASAP instead of just hanging out and talking at the beginning of each project.

    Abigail Butler