Friday, May 5, 2017

AP Artists

1.  What was your favorite and least favorite assignment (from Mrs. Butler) this year?

2.  What was your most successful work while you have been at FPD and why?  It could be this year or another year.

3.  How could the class be improved?

4.  What advice do you leave for next years' AP class?  I will share this with them next year.


  1. 1.the scribble thingy, it was a good idea but the objects we had to use were not good.
    2. The painting I did of cooper
    3. I have no idea, it was perfect tbh.
    4. Weigh the pros and cons of your concentration idea. I might sound good, but if it's really personal it will KICK YOUR BUTT.

  2. 1. My least favorite assignment was the popcorn.
    2. Paul's Hands are my most successful work at FPD. It is the most successful because of how intricate the background, and the thought that went into the design of the background.
    3. Start concentration after thanksgiving, and give shorter periods for each breadth piece. The long periods of time for the bread pieces give the illusion that you have longer for each concentration piece, and it is a little misconstruing.
    4. Be ready with your next image, so you can start your next piece on time.

  3. 1. least favorite: ink drawing, favorite: oil paintings
    2. the oil painting of doughnuts
    3. Push us harder with shorter deadlines at the beginning of the year, so we have even more time for concentration.
    4. People are going to ask you to do paintings for them-- don't let them make you feel bad for putting a PROPER price on your work. Don't undervalue your talent! Definitely ask for advice about commissioning from experienced people before you commit to the job.

  4. 1. Probably the ink drawing or the mandala.
    2. I think the little boys or the drawing of body parts were my favorite/ best.
    3. I agree we should start earlier with our concentration, but there's not much else you can improve!!
    4. Think of a concentration that you won't get bored with or will run out of ideas with. Think of many project options beforehand so you won't struggle with thinking of them later. Also don't procrastinate!!
    - Ashton

  5. 1. least favorite assignment: oil paintings (because I didn't love the image I was painting)

    2. I feel as though my most successful work at Fpd was the happy girl painting / portrayal of myself, because of the bright colors and different elements used to create the painting.

    3. Like everyone else said, I think it would be best if we had shorter deadlines for each assigned piece in the beginning of the year so that we can better prepare for the shorter deadlines associated with our concentration pieces.

    4. Always be prepared for your next piece! It will help you a lot in terms of balancing your time for each piece!

  6. 1. My favorite assignment was the big leaf painting, and my least favorite was the charcoal sketches.
    2. My last piece of my concentration, the 1990's, was my best because I finally learned how to paint with shadows and blend colors the best.
    3. Start concentration pieces before Christmas break.
    4. Know what you're putting on your plate for Senior year before taking the class. Five AP classes is a lot and AP Art was my most time consuming. Don't regret it, just know how to manage your time.
    - Katlyn Smaha

  7. 1. My least favorite assignment was the big detail painting because I didn't like the picture I chose. My favorite assignment was the dot painting.
    2. I think my chicken wire painting was the best.
    3. We need to start concentrations earlier, maybe work on a couple of things at one time.
    4. Don't porcrastinate and start peices at the begining of the week. Don't wait to start coming up with ideas

  8. 1. My favorite project was the large picture i did of callie with all the paper-- my least favorite was all the charcoal sketches
    2. My painting of the turtles was my favorite
    3. More time for concentration
    5. Underpainting is key for a good painting, but it shouldnt be as detailed as your top layer-- you shouldnt spend more than two days on the underpainting or you will run out of time for the real deal