Monday, April 24, 2017

Art Two - Painting 1850-1900

Below are paintings created between 1850-1900.  What do you notice is different from the last group of paintings that I posted from last week?

Edgar Degas
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Paul Cezanne
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John Singer Sargent
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Mary Cassatt
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  1. I notice that these are more detailed in certain ways than last weeks. the older ones have a different focus and blend things more.

  2. the ones from last week are a lot more like a picture and these are not as clear as the other ones

  3. These pictures are a lot more abstract and not so much like a picture than last weeks.

  4. These pictures are not as detailed oriented like the ones from last week. These pictures focus more on the main picture trying to be depicted.

  5. These picture lose the idea of details and rather let the viewer observe their own ideas about the painting.
    Mark estes

  6. Pictures from this time, they weren't care that more about be more detailed, they just express what they want to tell the people to see.
    Joy Zhao

  7. unlike last weeks these do not focus on detail as much but seem to be more meaningful pieces.

  8. I really like the second one it is cool
    - Justin LaPradd

  9. Anna Leigh DurhamApril 27, 2017 at 6:43 PM

    The pictures this week aren't as clear as the ones last week.

  10. These seem to focus more on their meaning than the subject being painted

  11. These paintings look as though they have a screen over them that makes them smudgy and not as focused whereas the paintings from the week before were more clear to see.

  12. I like the painting of the mother washing the kids feet because it is really cute!!